Cisco VOIP forwarded voicemails - cannot complete your call

I am using Cisco Unity version 4.2 and CallManager version 5.  Voicemails are being stored on our Exchange email server within our AD domain.

I have a user who attempts to forward a voicemail which at first seems to happen but then the voice prompt tells him that "the system is unable to complete your call".

I am not even sure how to approach this issue.  Help please.
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yes you compare with other users

hi there

Did you create a VoiceMail box for that user in Unity server.   if yes then in call manager when you foword to voice mail select the correct calling search space.  It looks like the user is not in the correct calling search space.  

chronolithAuthor Commented:
The user has a voicemail box in unity.  He is able to access his voicemail just fine, he just cannot forward them.  I will check the calling search space.  How will I know if it is correct or not?  Can I compare it to another user who can forward voicemails?
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