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Display Notes on laptop and slideshow on projector???

I have a laptop with Powerpoint 2003 and an external VGA port than can be set to behave as a second screen.

I would like to be able to set up powerpoint such that the main slideshow appears on the secondary screen (ie the projector) and the notes page appears on the primary screen (ie the laptop LCD).

When I tried it, I press F5 but the slideshow always starts on the primary screen. Is there a way to select which screen to display the main slideshow on?
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You could try mosing the PP app to the second screen and maximizing it. Then try F5.
Oops. Moving.
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Hi fixati0n. The problem with moving the pp app to the 2nd screen is that I then can't see any notes I 've written. Thanks for suggesting it anyway.

Thanks GlennaShaw. That's exactly what I was looking for.