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I would like to make educational flash cards (just as how kids learn with cardboard flash cards) in Adobe Flash. My goal...Add as many cards on the timeline (1 card per frame) have a next button that randomly displays a frame. You can click next as much as needed to keep going through the frames. Can anyone tell me the way to do this actionscript? If possible a complete solution would be appreciated. (FLA FIle)

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Tom RayCommented:

basic... but should get you going.

flash 8
movies clip cards_mc has 5 frames labeled x1 - x5
mc placed on stage
stop action applied and setting variable num to equal 1
each time the button is clicked, the variable num is increased by one, and the cards_mc is told to move to the frame "x" + the value num. so if num is set to equal 1 in the beginning, clicking a button will make num equal 2 and move to frame x2.

hope that helps
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