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Server RAM

Last Modified: 2010-04-19
I have a dedicated linux server and am considering upgrading the RAM from:

256MB Guaranteed, 1 GB Bursted
512MB Guaranteed, 2 GB Bursted

Will this help website page load time? I am looking for ways apart from the coding of my site to make the site run faster, is this something I should try? or will this not make any difference? any ideas?

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By the way... I don't know if I understand how they would offer bursted memory.  It makes senses at first glance, but most server software (mysql, apache, etc) don't know how to handle this - they try to fill up as much memory as possible with cached data, and they don't know they have to release it (unless I've missed something).

So 512mb of dedicated memory is all that really would matter for response times... the other 1.5gb is pretty useless unless you're running some gigantic scripts.  And how would it get that other 1.5gb on-demand... I have no idea how that could work.

Is it a database driven website?
Is it a flash website?
is it a static website?
Do you use CGI
is it mostly HTML?
IS it PHP?

There are a lot of details that are left out to properly answer that, for example if you have a web server that runs apache and you are only serving static HTML pages, then adding more ram will not do anything, unless you were short on ram just to run it. But apache won't use anymore ram if it doesn't have any post processing to do before the page is downloaded.

Can you provide more details.


More details:

Is it a database driven website?  YES, MySql
Is it a flash website? NO
is it a static website?NO
Do you use CGI? NO, None
is it mostly HTML?NO, Mostly Php
it is a LAMP dynamic website with lots of images, what do you think?


Any Ideas?
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