2003 Server with 2 nics

I have a server with 2 nics installed.  One is connected directly to the internet with a static IP address.  I have the other nic connected to the network.  I can access the internet from the server, but not from the network.

I'm running a windows 2003 server with exchange 2003.  I don't have isa server.
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LauraEHunterMVPConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Linksys router administration utility will have an option available for port forwarding - configure inbound intraffic on TCP port 25 to forward to the internal IP address of your Exchange server.
[1]  In addition to configuring 2 separate NICs on the 2003 box, you would need to configure the Routing & Remote Access service on the server to allow your clients to access the Internet using that server as their default gateway.


[2]  Running Exchange and RRAS on the same box is a recipe for "I'm sorry, you're doing -what-, now?"?  Use a dedicated hardware-based router to provide Internet access to your clients, and allow your Exchange box to be an Exchange box.
So you basically want to make your server a NAT server, so your clients point to that server for internet access? ISA is by far the most recommended way to accomplish this, however, if you do not have that, you should be able to setup Windows internet connection sharing.. I would recommend against this becuase of the required DHCP settings and network settings.. but if you wish, here is the link:

sthomas76Author Commented:
So I just got an Linksys Router and I set it up with the Static Ip, but my emails are going to the static ip how do i forward them the server
malken00Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You probably have HTTP / Web access enabled to for Exchange, while you're in there, also port forward from your router to the exchange server IP, ports 80, 443, and as mentioned above, port 25 for receiving / sending email. If you have POP3 access externally, forward port 110 as well.
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