Disable accounts if they are in a specific OU

Can you set a policy or property to an organizational unit within AD Users and Computers to disable an account if they are a member of that OU?

We automate account generation using MIIS. When an account is inactive for x days (based on information in MIIS), we have MIIS move that account from its existing OU to an OU entitled Disabled Users. We want accounts in the Disabled Users OU to actually be disabled as well.
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Personally, I don't know of any way to accomplish what you're specifically looking for. You could easily run a script every so often that disables all the accounts based on OU:

Or use a program like ADModify.net to make bulk changes to all the accounts in that OU at one time:

I know, not as automated as you'd like....I'll be curious if someone else has a slick solution.
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