Cisco SSL WebVPN client error

Good afternoon,
Please assist me with resolving an issue with my VPN:
Cisco ASA 5510 with SSL VPN certificate installed from entrust.
Attempting to connect using the SSL VPN client for WebVPN, recive the following error:
"The SSL VPN connection to the remote peer was disrupted and could not be automatically re-established. A new connection requires re-authentication and must be started manually"
This occurs immediately after the message pops up installing active x component.

I have searched everywhere and the only answer I find is to turn off the firewall for windows.
I've done that and the problem persists. I also added exceptions to the port on that address and added the address to trusted sites on the computer. Still I am disconnected. User permissions are correct, I am using RADIUS for authentication and have group policies set up for the user permissions. This was working until I made changes:
Change 1.) had my ISP add an A record to the outside interface so I could obtain an SSL certificate
Change 2.) installed the SSL certificate from entrust
Any asistance with this would be very much appreciated.
Thank you
cmulwilliamsITS ManagerAsked:
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It sounds like your are using 7.2 with the SSL VPN client.

I would suggest upgrading to 8.0 and using the anyconnect client. The new code progressed in leaps and bounds with the 8.0 code because cisco concentrated on the SSL VPN solutions.
cmulwilliamsITS ManagerAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delayed reply, I will try the upgrade this weekend and see if it solves the issue.
I would like to keep the question open in case that doesn't work. I'm skeptical only because it worked until I made changes - adding an A record and the SSL cert. It is quite possible a configuration I made that caused it to not work and I don't know if upgrading will fix it.
cmulwilliamsITS ManagerAuthor Commented:
Upgrading to the latest version with the Anyconnect 2.0 was a tremendous improvement and resolved the issue. Thanks.
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