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Outlook 2003 - Sharing Multiple Contact Directories (some nested).

Using Microsoft Outlook 2003 attaching to an Exchange 2003 server on the local LAN (via MAPI):  I have a user with many different Contact folders within his Outlook folder list.  Several of these folders are at the root of the folder list, and many more are nested under those root Contact folders.

The question:  Currently when I share one of these Contact folders at the root of the Folder List (by Right Clicking, then choose Sharing...).  The sharing settings do not propagate to any of the child/nested Contact folders.  As a result I have to individually set sharing on each and every Contact Folder.  This is becoming a real time suck, as many of my users are creating multiple Contact Folders (nested and at the root of the Folder List).

My hope is that one of the Experts know a way to set Sharing... on the top level Contact folder and have it inherit/propagate to all chile/nested Contact Folders.


1) If a new child Contact Folder is created after Sharing... is set then it will inherit the Sharing... settings.  Contact folders that already existed when the Sharing... settings were being set do not seem to inherit the settings.
2) I have also seen this same behavior in Outlook when a user has multiple Calendar folders (nested or at the root)

Thank you in advance for your help.
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I guess it's just one of those things.  Thanks for confirming.