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Flash Embedded Dynamic text not showing up when text changed.

Using Flash CS3, AS3:
I have a Dynamic text field (Arial, size=55, anti-aliased) which does not display dynamically changed text when the font is embedded.

If I turn embedding off, the changed text will show up, but all text has jagged edges (no anti-aliasing).
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Are you embedding all the necessary characters?  Also, when you say it doesn't display, does it display only what was previously there, does it display nothing?  Is the text to display bold or italic?
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Yes, I am embedding all fo the necesary characters (lowercase, uppercase, specific possible other characters).

If I don't change the text, it displays.  If I make a change to the text, it disappears completely.

I checked in the debugger and everything is as it should, but the text simply doesn't show up (text is being changed right after addChild().
How are you changing the text, and what is the text that should be displayed (including any styling)?
fooTextObject.text = someNewText;

Type: Dynamic Text
Font: Arial
Size: 55
Style: Bold
A\V: 1
Anti-alias for readability
Embed: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerals, !.,?
Just discovered the cause!

A\V: 1 was causing the problem!  Go Figure!
Glad you sorted it out!
I solved the question myself and posted the solution.

There is no way to accept your own post as a solution.
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