default SMTP connector during swing

exchange 2003- exchange 2003, old hardware to new hardware.  i have on my old exchange setup a connector folder with a default SMTP.  if i right-click and go to properties the server that is listed here is the source server(the original, server1)   should this be changed at any point of the migration or will this work itself out????
also in the protocols folder, SMTP/SMTP virtual server/properties... on the delivery tab/advanced, my fully-qualified domain name is the  how about this one, should this be changed at any point or will this work itself out.>>???
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For the SMTP connector, you can simply add the new server to list of bridgeheads. Then both servers will deliver email in accordance with the SMTP connector settings.
If you don't add the new server as a bridgehead then all outbound email will go via the server that is listed. Not a problem until you come to remove the original server.

Not sure what the above post regarding MX records is about as SMTP Connectors are for outbound email whereas MX records are for inbound email.
You also don't need to do anything with IP addresses - that can actually cause more problems. When you come to move the server receiving the email from the internet, just tweak the firewall slightly.


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The short answer is that it will work itself out.
Once you bring the new server online and Exchange is fully configured and you give the new server the TCPIP address of the old server and the old server is no longer online the new server will take over.
You will need to make sure you make any MX record changes that will need to be made.
If the name of the server is different you will need to make this change to your MX records.
Old server =
New server =
You will have to update your MX records, If the two servers have the same name you don't have to change your MX records.
dtooth71Author Commented:
there has been no MX changes or anything,  this is a new server, new nqame new TCPIP settings.
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The MX references I made came from a previous project where we wanted to have both servers running for a while so we added a MX record to accomplish this.
That is also where my TCPIP comments came from... 2 machines can't have the same IP...
Sometimes you want to test things out before you roll it out.
dtooth71Author Commented:
so for the bridgeheasd should i leave the old server and add the new server, or should i remove the old and add the new?
When I am setting up the server I will have both servers list as bridgeheads. Then when preparing to remove the old server, only at that point will I remove the bridgehead.

On the MX records point above, you don't need to add a second MX record to do this. Email can be delivered to any Exchange server in the org. Once Exchange has the message it will ensure that it is delivered to the correct server.

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