Auto Populate SharePoint Form Field from a query string

I am trying to get a Query String from the URL to automatically populate a <SharePoint:FormFiled> that is used to add a new item to a list.  This way when the user navigates to the page, they would not have to fill in that feild.
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Abu HamdanConnect With a Mentor Enterprise Architect, PM ExpertCommented:
Sorry my friend this is the only way you could do this ,, but take a look on how to write with sharepoint on these links:

and writing code in sharepoint will be using inline code mixed with html ,,
Abu HamdanEnterprise Architect, PM ExpertCommented:
As i understand you have a form that redirect or linked to another form,, and the the other sharepoint form should read the querystring and bind it ?

Solution as follows:


and on your sharepoint page you should write custom code, to request these value on page load:

string myPar1 = Request.QueryString["test1"];
string myPar1 = Request.QueryString["test2"];

if you dont know how to write code in sharepoint form,, tell me ,, but its easy using sharepoint designer


DataBridgeAuthor Commented:
This site is on a shared server so I am unable to write any real code other than, and I am not great with in sharepoint.
DataBridgeAuthor Commented:
Well I appreciate you help anyway, thanks!
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