Switch between English and Chinese characters in msflexgrid and menu

I have a vb 6.0 app where I have to switch between English and Chinese.  I used msforms 2.0 where I could.  We are using Access 2000 with a table with one column the English captions and the other column the equivalent Chinese caption.  

The menu has an option to switch back and forth between English and Chinese.  All Chinese in my form displays properly when I have the Language for Non-Unicode Programs set to Chinese (PRC) under Advanced in the Regional and Language Options in the Control Panel, but  data I'm sending out and receiving on my serial port is screwed up.  

If I switch back to English for Language for Non-Unicode Programs, then my serial port communication is good.  But, when I select Chinese, then everything is then displayed in Chinese, except for the msflexgrid data and the menu bar.  I only get ??? for this data.  

Do I have to do some kind of a strconv to get this to work?  
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Have you tried msflexgridH which is Unicode aware (msflexgrid is not)?

Also there are 3rd party Unicode Grids which are part of a suite of Unicode controls such as:
   UniSuite ($407, 46 controls) - http://cyberactivex.com/product008.htm
   UniToolBox2 ($716, 17 controls) - http://www.unitoolbox.com/
The above packages also include Unicode aware menus.

Changing to Unicode eliminates problems associated with non-Unicode OS settings and allows support of all languages installed on the underlying OS.

Also see http://cyberactivex.com/UnicodeTutorialVb.htm for information on using Unicode with Vb6.
pg6111Author Commented:
I can't spend any money on extra controls.  I'll replace the msflexgrid with the mshflexgrid.  Most of the items in the menu bar, when clicked on, load another form, and aren't drop-down menu type items, so I'll replace them with rich text boxes, which I think will display the Chinese properly, or the msforms 2.0 text boxes.
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