Blackberry server 4.0

I have a BES 4.0 running on Win 2003 Enterprise.  I like to know what I should backup for the BES so that if I loss BES, I can restore it as long with all Blackberry accounts.  I backup the system state often for the OS but nothing for BES yet.
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bkellyboulderitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
BES runs on MSDE. You would need to backup that SQL database to get a backup. For example see:

Either get BES to backup itself (MSDE), or use Enterprise manager on a full SQL install, or use a SQL agent in backup software (I don't know if that part works).
However, another alternative is to stop all the services, backup the drive, and restart the services.
I used to do that back in the day for Exchange databases when we had no good choices.

BTW, blackberry forums for that topic are very good. Often easier than trying to deal with their support. :-)
BES runs on MSDE or a full Microsoft SQL database.  Your options for backup are different depending on which option you decided on when installing the BES.  So, did you go with MSDE or did you put the Blackberry database on an SQL server?

If it's on MSDE, the links above should be just fine.  If it's SQL, you can configure SQL do to a nightly dump of the Blackberry database, and then backup the directory containing the database dumps in your nightly backups.  I can give you better directoins if you let me know which database option you picked (MSDE vs SQL) and what backup software you're  using.
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