Looking to rid myself of my Time Warner Explorer 8300HDC and build my own, is it possible to record a HD/Digital cable signal off my time warner cable? If so what capture card is the best to do this?
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You can only use the cable provider's box to legally view encrypted premium channels.
I'm not sure what Time Warner offers for cable boxes, as I have Charter, but my HD cable box (made by Motorola) has a Firewire output that is active.  I would just need to connect this to a Firewire input on my home-built DVR in order to record the programming.  Perhaps, with your setup, you could work out something similar by just getting a standard HD box, without the built-in DVR, from them.

As far as capture software, I can't help you with that.  I haven't gotten around to building my DVR yet, or researching the software aspect of things.
As far as software is concerned, I use Snapstream's BeyondTV.  I couldn't ask anything more from PVR/DVR software.
As long as the signal is not encrypted (ie, premium channel), you can use an HD tuner card that handles recording of QAM broadcasts (not all do).  The ones in this list ( that say QAM should work, as well as a MyHD MDP130.  I currently use a VBox Cat's Eye card and BeyondTV, but I am capturing over-the-air HD signals.

See also this discussion - pay attention to Rich A's comments:
GB05Author Commented:
Is there any software that will record premium channels as well as HD  channels?
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