IUSR File upload limitation??

I have a PHP script which uploads files to a writeable directory on the server. Lately we've been getting a filespace allocation error... this is what the host says.... surely this is not true and there is a work around on the server.

Due to limitations with Windows' quota management ,the IUSR account, which is used by scripts when creating files, has a hard limit of 50Mb. Once this is reached, no further files can be created using scripts

The solution at present is to connect to the site using FTP, and download those files to your local machine.

Next, delete the files from the server. Now upload those files back to where they were - this creates new copies owned by your user account and not the IUSR account, resetting the IUSR account's quota allowance

We are looking for a more streamlined solution to this with our MS partners; however, as I say, it's a fundamental flaw in the Windows quota systems, and not proving easy to resolve satisfactorily
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pcsmitpraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have installed PHP on box then installation creates  a service and you can manage user account under which it operates from services.msc console from Log On tab of PHP' service.
IUSR is a internet guest user account which any one can use to upload files. You can remove limitations but that will also also applied for every one who will use that account, so it could be a problem later.
Best will be you will use a FTP account to upload files in website.
phenixfilmsAuthor Commented:
Is there not a way to specify that the user running the php script (the server) is a different account? The script is run from the server, php is a server side script.
nplibConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could always increase the quota limit for the IUSR user account. It's in the Default Domain Security Policy.
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