php $conn->raiseErrorFn = 'ew_ErrorFn';

$bInsertRow = $CaseIdDetail->Row_Inserting($rsnew);
      if ($bInsertRow) {
            $conn->raiseErrorFn = 'ew_ErrorFn';
            $AddRow = $conn->Execute($CaseIdDetail->InsertSQL($rsnew));
            $conn->raiseErrorFn = '';

do i under stan correct

The code above if  $bInsertRow not null then   con equal to  'ew_ErrorFn';
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Yes, if $bInsertRow is not false or null (thus contains some information or boolean value of true), then it first sets $conn->raiseErrorFn variable to 'ew_ErrorFn', calls $conn->Execute and resets $conn->raiseErrorFn to blank ''
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