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Dynamic Cursor DB2

ajexpert asked
Last Modified: 2012-06-21
Ok, here is the question.

I need define a cursor having select statement with dynamic where clause.

Here is the detailed requirement in points.

1.      Create a stored procedure with parameters which will be part of where clause of cursor in procedure definition/body.
2.      This SP will have the cursor a select statement with dynamic where clause.
3.      This stored procedure will be executed from a .bat file with parameters.

Please let me know how do I do this in DB2.

Sample code would be of great help
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i did not understand what exactly do you need when you say dynamic where clause
do you need
1) a where clause with unknown predicates, that is sometimes it will have where col1 = 1 and sometimes it will have where col2 = 1
2) a where clause with dynamic parameters, that is sometimes where col1 = 1 and sometimes where col1 = 2

do you want it to be a sql procedure or a procedure using some other langauage such as java


Here i rephrase the query.

I want a cursor for which a select statement can be build on run time.
This is very similar to REF CURSOR in ORACLE

Like there will be a SELECT statement with WHERE CLAUSE and I have to process this statement via CURSOR LOOP

I have searched something like PREPARE STAMENT, EXEC SQL should do the trick, but I am unable to compile in DB2 command center.

I hope my question is clear, If not let me know I will explain with example
post here the code you cant compile and the message you ger and i'll try to tell you whats wrong with it


OK...I found the solution...

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