Setup auto profile creation for Microsoft Outlook in CItrix 4.5

I have a Citrix 4.5 farm that I am running outlook 2003 in.  However, when user click the outlook bar the app prompts them to create a profile.  Since all users are on the same domain and using one server, i would like to make it so that when you click on the application that it will setp your profile and use the NT auth to fill in the profile name
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to do this you just need to install the office 2003 resource kit and set up a custom installation/profile for outlook.  It basically uses a transform file during the install to specify settings such as exchange server, etc...  When users open outlook for the first time all the settings are automatically used so there is nothing they need to do other than type their name
securitythreatAuthor Commented:
The resource kit is a compilation of many downloads.  How do I know which one to install or what to do with Citrix afterwards?
if you've already installed outlook you would use the Custom Maintenance Wizard... if you haven't installed, or can uninstall then you can use the Custom Installation wizard.
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