Why is my <asp:Menu> pushing 1 pixel downward???

This is driving me crazy!! I have a site that it is imperative that everything lines up correctly and precisely in all browers, etc, etc.........For the life of me, I  can't figure out why a simple "drag-and-drop" asp.net 2.0 menu object is  pushing downward 1 pixel. The original menu (and pages and css and all the other stuff) was much more complicated  but I've gotten rid of all stylesheets, played around with basic positioning, done everything I can possibly think of to get rid or that little 1px push. I've posted the sample pages to another, external server, I drank a quart of scotch, I just can't figure out why the <asp:menu> wants to push downward 1px. I've gone thru all the (otherwise useless) inline styles offered via Visual Web Developer Express and Visual Studio and I can't find why this is happening............ugh.....

I"m testing (for now) in IE 7.0 where the problem is showing. Everything is perfect in Mozilla/Firefox but I still get this problem in IE.

I realize that this will be a difficult question for anyone responding unless you have magically seen and fixed the problem. ...But come on, toss out the questions and help me figure this out before this comp has to be delivered on Monday. I'll toss in 500 points for anyone that can even give me some suggestions!!!

Many thanx,
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steveberzinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try setting this on the menu, seems to get rid of some of the markup that is causing the extra spacing...

swerver69Author Commented:
you gotta be kidding me............:))

I have like 800 different pages open currently and more that photoshop documents open currently peering for that 1px push. Ugh......I should have asked this question a half a day ago.........

Your solution worked in both IE and Mozilla/Firefox. And for that I thank you very much. Of course, there is a lot of complicated CSS to get things to work properly but you got rid of my 1px push.

Many, many thanx. You get the points and the glory........:))

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