Automate terminal services home folder


We had an issue with slow login times for users who are on a WAN link. To resolve this issue the windows home folder need to be removed/replaced by setting the terminal services home folder.

The question is
1. Is there any other way to remove the windows home folder? (It is currently set from AD)
2. Is there any way the terminal services settings can be automated? I've tried the following entry on the login script but it didn't work

objCurrentUser.TerminalServicesHomeDirectory = "\\server\homeDir\" & strUserName &""
objCurrentUser.TerminalServicesHomeDrive = "V:" 'Letter to MAP the HOMEDIRECTORY
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the easiest way is probably to use a Group Policy object on your TS servers:
hpsupportAuthor Commented:

I actually tried that (though incorrectly). Your sentence of "TS servers" made me realize that. After setting the config and assigning it to the TS server (Citrix) it works.

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