"suspended on agent unreachable"

When i am scheduling a backup from oracle 10G enterprise manager i am getting the followin message

status: "suspended on agent unreachable"
Why am I getting this agent unreachable message?
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linuxoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

it means The execution was suspended because the Agent was unreachable.

Check two things
1. from host homepage are you able to execute any host command , like ps -ef
2. from database homepage are you able to run any sql command, like select * from dual

the solution is available in this pdf ( High Availability Architecture and Best Practices)

check it ...


ram_0218Connect With a Mentor Commented:
check if EM agent running or not. usually the error comes when the agent is down
imran_fastAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys for your help but i solved the problem by reconfiguring the database control reprository.

I got this error because we connect the machine to the domain after installing Oracle and changed its IP address.

I followed the step mentioned in this link
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