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DSL OR Linksys Gateway Problem??

Hello Experts,

I am currently using a dial-up connection and decided to subscribe for a digital line (DSL) in order to have a fast WLAN at home. I have purchased a new gateway Linksys WAG300N (ADSL2+Gateway) and connected it to the same copper line that I have been using for the dial up connection  Of course, I have activated DSL service with my ISP which means the copper line shouldve started acting as DSL since then!? Correct me if I am wrong..?
The problem is that the Internet connection seems to cut off every once and a while since I started using the new setup. I thought the problem could be from the gateway&Ive upgraded the firmware but not avail.
Someone told me that there could be a problem with the copper tele-line that is used now as DSL and I am wondering if this is the case?! Why was it working nicely when using the dial up connection but not the DSL?? Bear in mind that the line is the same one??

I would appreciate helping me out before I dig the ground and pull out the cable =(

I look forward to hearing from you&

2 Solutions
It could be a problem with the DSL connection at the exchange. When you lose your internet connection is the DSL light on? This indicates if you've got a DSL connection with your provider, if this light keeps dropping out you may need to contact your provider to have the connection checked at the exchange.
Try changing the wireless channel of your wireless router.
Out of the box, most people keep it on it's default of channel 6, and you may have a neighbor broadcasting on the same channel.
Hope that helps...

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