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Wireless Network in a Warehouse Help


I have a warehouse which is approximately 90m x 30m which i need to equip wirelessly. There will be approx 4 PC workstations and associated printers at the left end hard wired to the incoming comms cabinet (which is connected to the server in the offices by fibre optic). I need to equip future workstation expansion wirelessly, as the warehouse staff will use PDAs. The ceiling is approx 10m high and has three ridges like /\/\/\ - there is metallic racking from floor to ceiling and into the ceiling voids created by the roof shape.

How would i be best to use wireless technologies? I have though about three wireless access points at the top centre of the building, bottom centre and middle right connected to a wireless router on the middle left (hardwired into comms box) as below

[                                   ap                                      ]
[                                                                             ]
[                                                                             ]
[comms                                                                  ]
[wr                                                                     ap]
[                                                                             ]
[                                   ap                                      ]

Where comms is the comms cabinet, wr is the wireless router, and ap is the access point.

Any direction regarding standards, even makes and models would be most appreciated - my knowledge of wireless is fairly sketchy


1 Solution
You have to remember that wireless transmition propagate is a sphere like shape.  Thus in placing the APs at the corner of the building is not a clever idea.  It would be best to place 2 AP in the middle of the strcture.  Since your structure is 90X30, I would plave them something about 25 meters from each side of the 90m along the middle so there is some overlaping in the area they cover.

A couple of Signal Amplifiers and/or Directional Antennas would probably avoid the need for multiple Access Points.

Check out this site -


Some of those Indoor Antennas would be ideal for your situation and would not require
running any additional wire.
Forced accept.

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