Post web form user inputs via email. Advice.

This question is a request for advice and is a follow up from a previous question here:

I'm basically new to all this, I have some 'basic' ability and experience (html, css, php, mysql) but need to extend my learning to create an intuitive form and then post the results via email. The above link addresses creation of the form. This question is in regards to sending the information via email. Could someone please give me a laymans explanation on how to do this, some recommendations of a relatively easy way to go about it and possibly some examples or tutorials.  I appreciate your patience.
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi robyndorn,

You probably don't want to use javascript to send email.  Since you have some experience with PHP, this is when you want learn to use the mail() function:

There are literally a half a million scripts and tutorials out there.  Just start Googling until you find one that speaks to you.
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