Need to restore a DC in a child domain

I need to restore a DC that was PDC, RID and Infrastructure master for the
child domain. The dc in the parent domain is the Schema and domain role owner. The
DC in parent domain is in a remote site that I can't currently connect to because of
a dead switch. I do have a second DC in the child doman that is currently
servicing the domain but it is also in a different remote site. Question
about restoring the DC - Do I need to sieze just the roles of the dead dc or
should I sieze all roles to my second DC or do I need to sieze any roles?
Do I just need to reinstall the OS on my DC and then do a dcpromo and let it
synch and change my fsmo roles....or am I missing a step
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LauraEHunterMVPConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Before you being, seize the 3 domain-wide FSMO roles in the child domain to the existing good DC in the child domain, as described here:  The Schema Master and Domain Naming Master roles do not need to be transferred or seized.

If you wish to use the same server name as the server that failed, you will first need to perform a metadata cleanup to remove the original DC's information from ACtive Directory, as described here:

If you have another known-good DC in the child domain, simply run dcpromo to add an additional DC into the existing child domain and allow replication to re-populate the domain controller.  If you are working over a slow WAN link between sites, you can use dcpromo with the /adv switch in combination with a System State backup from the other DC, and use the Install from Media option to reduce the bandwidth impact of initial replication, as described here:
Sounds like Murphy's law performed a number on you.

Is this switch dead or possibly a dumb switch that needs to be configuring?

What kind of switch is it? Maybe we can fix it.
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