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swing migration replication comparison differences

i am currently in the process of swing migration of server 2003/exchange2003 standard (both currently on a DC) to a server 2003/exchange2003 standard (member server).  during the migration of public folders i have followed the following links
all appears to have gone well with the replicated items when i compare the public folders in ESM on server1 and server2 however there are several things that i do notice that did not move;
EventConfig_SERVER         which is 1KB and has 1 item
EventsRoot                          0 items and size
exchangeV1                        361KB and 401 items
microsft - schema root        0 items and size
schema-root                        0 items and size

what are these folders and should they be replicated?  Arer these folders associated with a DC? and maybe why i do not see them on the new server becasue it is a member server?
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you probably did, i just want to be sure on this day today.  thanks for you expertise