windows vs sql server authentification ms sql 2005

I connect remotely to may SQL server.

To export, import, make connections, etc it asks me every tiem for the login user and password. This login is an SQL server authentification. No matter that I clcik on save password.

Can I have this set so I do not have to write my user and password every time I want to do something


Can I setup a Windows authentification for a remote machine to acces the SQL server?
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SQL 2005 has two security options:
1. Windows authentication only
2. Both Windows authentication and SQL authentication together.

So either way (you have option 2 obviously) Windows Authentication is possible !
All you need to do is add you domain account as a login and user.

Connect to the server and go to the security folder, open it and right click on logins.
Then select 'New Login' and fill in the login name (YourDomain\YourAccount), select the 'Windows Authentication' option and set the default database and language.
Then go to the 'user mapping' page and select the database and membership(s) you want.
Click OK to confirm and try to connect using the windows authentication ... it should work ...

Hope this helps ...
The system will always prompt for a username and password. If you click Save Password, then it is filled in automatically for next time. Or you can use windows authentication.  Either way, you just need to click connect on the login prompt.
robrodpAuthor Commented:
I need details to connect with windows authentication. What user? What password?
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good luck...shouldn't take you long at all
robrodpAuthor Commented:
Ok.... I want  windows authentication in a remote pc to acces wia the sql server management studio. There is no web site involved

Any ideas, what am I missing?
Glad I could be of any help !
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