Primary email recipient keeps changing


AFter just installed a new SBS03 r2 server, we made 2 email addresses in AD and set the newest one to the primary email address.

After making the changes to all user accounts, when going back to AD, it changed tothe original one?
Also after deleting the entry we no longer required, set the priamry again, came out of AD, and long behold it had revert back and added the original email address back.

Any ideas?
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redseatechnologiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is the recipient update service.

There are two options, either change it on the recipient policies (which will automatically generate new addresses) or you can simply untick the box at the bottom of the email addresses tab "update addresses automatically based on the policy"

How to use recipient policies to control e-mail addresses in Exchange 2003 and in Exchange 2000

The recipient update service runs to set email addresses to what they should be according to the recipient policies defined in Exchange System Manager.

To override the recipient policy, in the Email Addresses tab of the user account policies, de-select the checkbox "Automatically update Email addresses based on recipient policy".

That should prevent the primary email address from being set by the RUS.
tekniteAuthor Commented:
thanks Suivethfirst, hadn't read your comment by the time i'd done what redseatechnologies had said.
No problem. Lol, look at the times - must have been typing at the same time.
Great minds.... :)
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