Instructions to Unblock Firewall for Administrator

If my VB6 program requires access to an SQL database through port 1433, then my guess is that I need to have port 1433 opened at every site my program is used...correct?   If the port is blocked, what instructions should I give the network administrator?
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DToolshedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most software firewalls on the pc will ask the user for permission to allow the outbound connection, and learn from that.

If there is a firewall protecting the SQL server, the Admin will need to open that for the user. That would have to be put in a System Requirements section in the documentation you provide them. If they are running a SQL server, they usually are aware of the requirements for network access.

Be aware that not ALL SQL servers are listening on that port. That is the default, but since there are worms that scan for that open port, some admins will use a different port.

Unless YOU are installing the SQL server AND app in the same machine, then it's a different kettle of fish! :)

Hope that helps a little....
> .. what instructions should I give the network administrator?
allow TCP on port 1433 in- and outbound, at least initiated from outbound (assuming that the SQL server is inbound)

But I'd never open that port (see previous comment:)
al4629740Author Commented:
What is a good port range to open?
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depends ..
I'd open only the necessary ports, for web it is 80 and 443, usually.
al4629740Author Commented:
But I need to have another port for my application.
You can pick just about anything that is not in common use (anything below 1024 is considered "common") but it also depends on what is in use already. If you app really needs network access to a SQL server, just pick a port that is not already used. You can Google a list of common ports.

Better may be to provide a way for the CLIENT to specify what port to use in an options dialog, so each client can specify what THEY actually use. Set the default as the default 1433, but give each individual install a way to change the port to match what they NEED.

You will never be able to pick a port that is perfect for everybody.
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