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Form variable from Flash not being read on ASP page.

I've got a variable called "ProductKey" being passed to an ASP page from a Flash movie. When I write

if LTrim(RTrim(Request.Form("ProductKey"))) = "7747" then
response.write "Hello"
response.write Request.Form("ProductKey")
end if

The response I get is "7747" written in a huge font.

So while the response should be "Hello," it isn't, yet the form variable that's being read is "7747." What am I doing wrong?
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This is what I'm getting when I use the "replace" statement you suggested:


It seems like we're on the right track as far as there being some carriage returns, but I'm not able to eliminate them. What am I missing?
have you replaced the linefeed characters by using the replace function?

if Replace(LTrim(RTrim(Request.Form("ProductKey"))), vbCrLf, "") = "7747" then
Here's where I'm at:

if Replace(LTrim(RTrim(Request.Form("ProductKey"))), vbCrLf, "")="7747" then
response.write "Hello"
end if

I get nothing...

The only thing that strikes me as bizarre is when I do a response.write Request.Form("ProductKey"), I get 7747, so it sees the content but it's written in a monster size font as opposed to the default TimesNew Roman.

What do you think?
I got rid of "Auto Kern" and that seemed to make all the difference.