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sbs 2003 Broken after adding a netowrk card

Last Modified: 2010-04-19
I installed sbs 2003 with one network card. A couple of months later I added a second network card and everything went wrong. I have had to disable the Remote Access and Firewall for any communication to the server. Is is possible to apply a repair installation to SBS 2003, and if it is will it keep all the user and exchange data. I would like everything to go back to default, but I didn't want to start from scratch and have to bring all the user data into a new installation. If bringing the data over to a new installation is the only way I can do that also...Thanks.
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    Hi bert-reid
         I have tried hard and got it working without repair installation in a previous question of an asker, which is almost same as your issue. Please have a look at



I have briefly looked at the process. I think that I may have made things one step worse by removing the RRAS. If I when I start this process I will be at it until it is fixed, so I would like to ask a couple of scenrios as a back plan if things go wrong......to get the server to a point that the users could work I had to remove the RRAS and disable the firewall. Also the outlook over the internet has stopped working.....If this process does not work I believe that I would only have two options. (1) is to complete a repair installation....is that possible and if it is are the AD settings and exchange settings safe, anything else would hopefully go back to default and I can start from there....(2) if neither option works than I am looking at a fresh installation........should I be able to migrate the data to a portable hard drive complete the installation and migrate the data back over? Thanks again
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

After adding the second NIC, did you rerun the Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard? Is this Standard or Premium.
It seems to me that once you ran the CEICW after adding the NIC, SBS would be happy.
Make sure that the IP range on the second NIC to the outside if delivered via a router is 192.168.22.x or the like. Do NOT use the default IP range of the router. This will cause problems with VPN connections.
Please post Ipconfig/all of server and one workstation.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal Consultant
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It doesn't sound like you hosed your server installation... so I wouldn't be so quick to start thinking about reinstalling.

Philips comment was right on when asking if you ran the CEICW... but if you have uninstalled RRAS you need to reinstall that first.  Routing and Remote Access is what makes a two NIC configuration work, so it's impossible to do anything without having that installed and running.

The Windows Firewall should ALWAYS be disabled on an SBS.  RRAS provides the firewall function with two NICs, and with one NIC you must use a separate hardware firewall.

So... reinstall RRAS.  Then, follow the example shown in http://sbsurl.com/twonics to configure your network settings, and finally run the CEICW to set everything in place.



I did try the CEICW a couple of times and it did not seem to help...The ip for the internal is different than for the external


Thank you all it will be a couple of days before I am able to get back to the postings.....
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