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Exchange 2007 is using too much memory.

Last Modified: 2013-11-29
   I am running Exchange 2007 on a test server and it is using too much virtual memory.
The box has 2GB of memory and when I startup Task Manager I see that 3.02 GB of Memory is being used over all. This is the only application running on a Windows 2003 x64 box. And there is only one mailbox on it being used  very lightly. I'm trying to figure out a way to limit the amout of memory exchange is using.

Here is what I see under the Processes Tab in Task Manager:

Store.exe= 179,000kb
SMSUtilityService.exe *32= 148,000kb

There are a whole lot more processes. When I add them all up I only get about 1.7GB of memory being used. So I'm not sure where the rest is going. Or maybe it has to do with the page file as there only is 2GB of physical memory.

Anyway I feel with only one mailbox I should be able to limit the memory without problems


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thanks, I read that article and changed the information store max to 512MB as there is only on mailbox.
I noticed a couple things.

1. The information store memory seems like it is preallocated based on the setting in ADSIEDIT.
When the MS Information Store Service was off the amount of memory used in taskmanger was 2.0 GB. As soon as the store.exe process started the amount of memory used in the performance tab of taskmanager jumped to 2.5GB. I watched store.exe grow from 60MG to 560MB in the processes tab.
On the Performance tab the amount of memory used by the system didn't change.

2. When adding up the memory used by each porcess in the process tab I get about 500MB less than what the entire system is using on the Performance tab. This is true whether store.exe is running or not. So without store.exe running everything totaled 1.5GB, but the Performance tab said the system was usin 2.0GB. With store.exe running I totaled 2.0GB, but the Performance tab totaled 2.5GB

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2GB, 4GB, what a laugh.  I've got two installs of E2007 on machines that also function as DC, File Storage, Backup to Tape and misc other stuff.  

Machine One started with 6GB of RAM, 15 LAN users (email and files) - 30 email only users.  Puked enough about RAM that we bumped it up to 10GB.  It still has swap-fits but dosen't have services that puke any longer.

Machine Two started with 8GB of RAM, 30 LAN users (email and files) - 20 email only users.  Puked enough slowness that the client asked for mercy -- additional 8GB for 16GB RAM total seems to have shut that issue up.  Machine Two is peppy -- dosen't seem to have swapping fits any longer.

x64?  E2k7?  Don't monkey around.  Stuff 8GB in there to start for 10 seat shops.  16GB minimum for any seat count above 20.  The RAM's cheap.  8GB of Kingston RAM is like what, $250 (USD)?  who cares -- just stuff it in there.  Costs NOTHING.

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