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Installing in Linux

Hey, I'm pretty new to linux
   I downloaded this program that I need to compile/install on Open SUSE Linux, It is nothing but shell scripts, C source code, unknown documents, plain text documents, changelog documents, and a makefile. How should I go about running this program - I'm still a newb and used to executable files in windows.

My terminal programs are Gnome and X terminal on this linux system - how should I go about opening this program?
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You should see either an INSTALL file, or a README file (or both) that has full directions on how to get the application installed.  These files don't need to have extensions to be opened, simply open them in your favorite linux text editor.  Since every application is a bit different, without some additional info it's not really possible to give you exact directions.  What application are you trying to install (including complete version), what distribution are you installing it on, and other such necessary info.
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