X server cann't start normally

hello all,

   i just finished SUSE 10.3 installation, and configured graphic card at final step of hard configuration, with following parameters ,1024x768, 256bit. However, after rebooting,  nothing is shown in graphic mode.
 Trying to change graphic configuration, i rebooted machine into failsafe mode and started "Yast", but i got the same problem.
  are there any tipps of how to change these graphic related setting by hand?

thanx in advance
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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kim_weiAuthor Commented:
hello, all,

   i just found a solution,

1.)boot machine into failsafe
2.)start SaX2 with "-u" parameter

it should be possible to change the setting of graphic and monitor now. In my case, i changed the setting from XGA to VESA 1024x768@75Hz, everthing is OK.

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