Needing direct download link for the latest firewall update for Windows XP Pro SP2

Hi Everyone:

      I am interested in any direct download link for an update to the Windows XP Pro SP2 Firewall.  The current one on my wireless has been severly corrupted due to a malware attack.  As such, I can not access it from Control Panel anymore.  

       I believe an update to the existing firewall will iron all of this out.

       Any help regarding this question will be appreciated.

        Thank you

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i really don't think that there is any separate update available for just windows firewall, but i know that the problem of greyed out settings for windows firewall is a common problem, addressed here by Ramesh.
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi There:

       Thanks so much for the link.  It did get me started and gave me some ideas.  In any case, I finally got this firewall problem solved.  Using the information contained within another post from a person needing help with a problem accessing Windows Firewall, I was able to do the following and gain access once again to the Windows Firewall:  I clicked on Start, then, Run, then typed cmd and then enter.  Once the DOS like environment opened, I typed the following:  reg delete hklm\system\currentcontrolset\services\sharedaccess /v dependonservice and then enter.  For the second command line, I used the following parameters:  reg add hklm\system\currentcontrolset\services\sharedaccess /v dependonservice /t reg_multi_sz /d "Netman" and then enter.

        After restarting the computer after these operations were successful, I was then able to access the Windows Firewall within Control Panel.

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