What is the privacy option that many websites contain.


What is the privacy option that many websites contain.What is the option that contains in there.

Can i know more in detail why this is required.

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Are you asking about the Privacy policy that many websites have? Or about the "Privacy" option to check when logging into a website?

The privacy policy will depend on the company and country it is in. Just follow the privacy link to  view it.

If you are talking about a "privacy" login option (my bank used to have one), it usually uses a few different methods to make sure the page is not cached, and the session information is cleared when you close the browser, and usually encrypting the cookie.

If you are using a computer that is not your own, or if more than one person uses your computer, it helps to keep others from seeing what pages in that site you were on, and maybe viewing those pages, or getting other information from your session.

My bank used to have it, now it forces it on every login, so it is "private" without having to choose it.
Whether it really helps or not is up to some debate, but it does prevent others from casually checking what you were doing.

There are programs on the 'net (and some antivirus/antispyware programs) that will clear more personal information than just that website.

Not sure exactly what you were referring to, but I hope that helps...
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