Thinkpad T40p - Wireless radio won't turn on after System Update

I have just updated my THinkPad T40p using Lenovo's System Update.  My wireless was working before this update.  Now it won't work.  The error reported is that the wireless radio is off.  However, if I press Fn+F5 and try to turn on the wireless radio, it will NOT turn on.

The wireless LAN driver for my system was upgraded to as part of the System Updates.

I have the latest Access Connections installed (4.12).  Also, all updates reported by System Update have been installed.
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Hello mhedstrom
Which OS exactly do You have? Windows 98?
1. During update - BIOS update was performed? Please enter BIOS and be sure that Wireless network card is Enabled
2. Go to and by entering MT of your PC download latest drivers & software manually, check for critical fixes.
Problem may be in incompatibility between installed driver and software.
mhedstromAuthor Commented:
I am running Windows XP.  I have also run APPS\PROSET\W2KWS03\proset.exe as suggested in another similar question for this problem on Thinkpad T42p, but doing so did not fix my problem.  During the updates a BIOS update was not performed.  I have also already manually downloaded an installed the Access Connections and the required updates for hot keys and for the Wireless driver.
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Question about Your OS was, because it marked "Windows 95-98"
Have You checked on Lenovo any critical Windows \BIOS\drivers update?
Possibly best way is reinstall also ThinkVintage  software or upgrade it, because all ShortCuts is part of it.
You able to see Wireless connection in Network Connections?
In Device Manager, right click on wireless adapter properties, select roll back previous driver. Try that see if it works.
mhedstromAuthor Commented:
laskovd:  I don't know where the Windows 95-98 came from.  I am running Windows XP.  As I said in my original probloem report, I have run the System Update supplied by Lenovo and updated all critical and optional I do have the latest BIOS and latest drivers.  It is immediately after doing this System Update that my wireless stopped working and I discovered that I cannot turn on the wireless radio.  In fact, I have a Linksys Wireless G card (PCMCIA).  I tried that, too, but it won't work either because of the 'radio is off' problem.

Punky:  I tried your suggestion, too, but when I try to roll back the driver, it says there is no backup for the driver, so it can't do it.
mhedstromAuthor Commented:
Problem Solved:
Here's what I did:
1.  Downloaded latest Lenovo drivers for my wireless adapter, HotKey driver, ACPI Power Mgmt driver, Access Connections
2.  Uninstalled Access Connections and my wireless adapter and rebooted
3.  Installed ACPI Power Mgmt driver and rebooted
4.  Installed HotKey driver and rebooted
5.  Installed my wireless adapter driver and rebooted
6.  Verified that Fn + F5 now shows radio ON
7.  Installed ThinkVantage Access Connections
Everything is working now.
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