Hard Drive Health Status Monitoring??

I want to be able to monitor the hard drive health status of Windows servers and workstations. Basically, the items I am looking for are defragmentation levels, anything that appears in SMART monitoring and any other item that will affect the operation and integrity of the hard drive. I would like for the software to provide diagnostic reports on critical items and provide an email or alert if the an issue is detected. Does anyone know of a single program that can perform some type of complete monitoring of hard drive health??

Thanks - hdbee3
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Hello HDBee3
There is tool for what You need in Windows XP\2003 - Perfomanse Logs and Alerts.
You may configure lot of counters with some predefined situations and alerts to sent messages over net send or add to event viewer or use some custom message sender.
It a little bit hard to start, but free and really work.
Check out http://www.lavalys.com  The program is called Everest.

This is the new version of Aida32.  I believe Aida32 could do this for you as well, but I'm not sure if it is still available as freeware in the server version.
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HDBee3Author Commented:
I would like to thanks all of the respondents who posted information rgarding this posting. However, none of the solutions offered what I was looking for. I need more of a mnaged services approach to this issue.

Thanks - Hobson Beeman
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