application failed to initialize 0x80070002

I have downloaded/extracted  and deployed windows defender 1.1.1593.0  to WXP machines.
Now when users try to open the windows defender they get the error "application failed to initialize 0x80070002."
Users are not administrators in their computers.
Since I am administrator in my computer, although I receive the same error when I try to run the windows defender, but  when I go to the control panel, select the windows defender and click change it opens a dialog box then I select  "Update Windows Defender" Option then it starts the installation.
when it's finished I check the version and it is the same as the previous one windows defender 1.1.1593.0, but at least now whenever I open the windows defender I don't receive the error.
My question is how do I get this last update for users without making them admin in their computers and without making them going through control panel and update that manually?

Please help.

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cpottercpotterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like an issue i had awhile back related to lovely MS WGA. We ended up doing manua install then pushing defs through WSUS. If you have too many machines for this this may work for GPO:
Install this update (and verify that WGA is able to validate). Is SP2 applied?
jskfanAuthor Commented:
SP2 is installed.
I also installed the updated you gave me on the link above.
I uninstalled thr windows defender and redeployed the GPO. It installed the windows defender, but it still give the same error 0x80070005 when I try to open it.
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jskfanAuthor Commented:
1-Download Windows Defender.
2-Download Orca.
3- Install Orca.
4- Open WindowsDefender.msi in the Orca.
5- In the Orcas left pane, select InstallExecuteSequence.
6- Right click on the Action CHECK_WGA and select Drop Row.
7- Click OK to continue.
8- Save the Windows Installer .msi file.
9- Exit Orca.
10-Install Windows Defender.
do I need to follow the 10 steps above to deploy the windowsdefender.msi through GPO? or do I need to use msiexec to extract windowsdefender.msi to a share?
jskfanAuthor Commented:

when I download windows defender msi and install manually in the WXP workstation it works just fine with no error, but if I deploy it through GPO it give that error. Then even after it gives th error if I go to control panel select the windows defender and click change it opens a dialog box then I select  "Update Windows Defender" Option then it starts the installation. it works just fine after that.
So I wonder what kind of update it gets after I select the "Update Windows Defender" that way we might just deploy the update along with windows defender msi and it might fix the issue.
another thing I want to know in the adminstrative template of windows defender there is no option to lock the users from changing the settings.

jskfanAuthor Commented:

I followed this part and so far it has fixed the issue:

<<<<or change the following value to skip the WGA page completely, and go straight to the license agreement page during installation of Windows Defender (contributed by Chris).

Open the ControlEvent table.
Select the InstallWelcome dialog.
Change the argument that has the event CheckWGA to LicenseAgreement. >>>>
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