Mouse pointer jumps to left of screen, open windows begin flashing open and shut, and then programs close

at times, when I have particularly IE and Outlook open (but happens with other programs too), I'll be using the mouse, and all of a sudden it will jump to the left side of screen (out of sight) and I can't control it; then menus start opening all over the screen, windows begin to minimize (not at the bottom, right on the screen), and then the programs completely close (at times).  The only way to stop the process seems to be to hit escape (that doesn't always work).

I recently uninstalled Norton and installed McAfee; also installed Limewire, but it was doing this before I installed Limewire.

XP Pro, 2.4 Mhz, 1 G ram
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Alan Huseyin KayahanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
   Hi bdonelson
        Its a classic :), say goodbye to your mouse and buy a new one.

William ElliottSr Tech GuruCommented:
is this a laptop? did you spill something on it? sounds like a short somewhere,.
cpottercpotterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check for spyware with Spybot Search & Destroy. Make sure you have the latest mouse/trackball/touchbad driver and software installed.
linuxoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1- try to remove the mouse driver from windows safe mode and reboot  then plug it again.
2- remove any Electronic Signal Machine Near the Mouse ..
3- if up solutions not solve the problem you may need to replace your mouse itself..

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