Crystal Reports, RTF and WordPad

I have a Crystal Report (v XI) that save to an RTF at the push of a button on a VB6 form.  It's fine when I open it with Word, but when I open it with WordPad, every cell gets its own line.  I tried changing the formatting in WordPad -- to little success.  

I noticed it looks better when I export a report to a "Microsoft Word - Editable (RTF)".  How do I export it like that programmatically?  What follows is my code:

    rptOptical.ReportFileName = App.Path & "\Optical.rpt"
    rptOptical.ReportTitle = "Incubator " & iIncubatorNumber
    rptOptical.Destination = crptToFile
    rptOptical.PrintFileType = crptRTF
    rptOptical.PrintFileName = dlgSaveRpt.FileName
    rptOptical.Action = 1

Thanx in advance
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The metrhod you ae using cannot export to edittable RTF.

You need to use the RDC.

Is that code working?  It looks to be code for CR 8.

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