How to set up your wireless internet connection to intercept webrequests

Know how you go to a hotel or an airport and you find a free wifi signal. But as soon as you connect and browse, your request is intercepted and you get a web page with pricing and subscription information.

Does anyone know a step by step setup to do that. or is there special software required for that?
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DMTechGrooupConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Looks like they hold a patent on this and want it to be licensed.

"Over at, we just broke the story that Nomadix was issued a patent covering hotspot gateway page redirection. Nomadix makes hardware and software for the hotspot industry, and this patent would cover redirection used by community networking portals (like NoCat), sponsored free networks (like NewburyOpen.Net), and fee networks (like Wayport, T-Mobile HotSpot, and Cometa). It's unclear what terms Nomadix wants for a license, but this patent seems to take a standard way of doing business and put it under fee -- although Nomadix may have been the first firm to employ this method for proxy URL redirection."
suivethfirstConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depends on your experience - Chillispot is the best captive portal in my opinion and it's free:

Here is a how-to for Gentoo Linux with FreeRadius and MySQL:

Alternatively if you don't have Linux experience, Firstspot is a non-free captive portal application for Windows and is quite easy to configure:

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