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Winzip Extraction Error Message WZ40

Message WZ40
Trying to download four zipped files from our SharePoint server.They download as if all is well, but when I run winzip (11) to unzip the ZIP file format, It tells me  that something is wrong with them...
" this does not appear to be a  valid archive message WZ40"

I tried compressing and uploading the same four file set on my PC. Prior to upload to SharePoint the files unzipped normally. After downloading my test file I received the same error messge. Does something happen to the compressed files during upload or download,


2 Solutions
Hello Liz
Have You changed names of Zip files before upload it again, or use same names?
There is possibility, that IE have this ZIP file cached and use same "corrupted" file from it's cache. Please clear IE cache and try again.
Also You may use Winrar for work with ZIP\RAR files also under Sharepoint services.
lizchAuthor Commented:
Thanks for thinking of the cache, I cleared it and redownloaded, but the problem still persists. I will try Winrar next.

Just to add do you have all the zips in one folder?
If it is one file archived you need to put them in one folder select the first  zip r/click and extract here if the archives are good they should all extract.

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Nick DennyCommented:
You could try the DiskInternals ZIP Repair to confirm that there is indeed corruption somewhere:
lizchAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link to the ZIP repair It is a good reseource for corrupted files. In this case it didn't see any corrupted files, so I'm still at a loss to find the casue of the problem. BTW, this is not a single file, I have tried on multiple files with the same result. In fact what I am doing is compressing 24 hour EKG data recording files in .dat format. This is how we retreive EKG data from remote sites for analysis in our laboratouyr. EAch file is about 70 mb when it is compressed. I did this successfully a few years ago with a client in Japan, but it no longer works with all the software upgrades since. The only non-upgraded program is SharePoint server wich is still version 2003.

Open the downloaded file with Notepad & check whether the first two characters are PK (the obvious portion of the PKZip signature).  It could be that you find an HTML file instead... If so, change the file name to have a .htm extension & open it in the browser to see more explanation from your server as to what occured.
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