Remote access for 100's of users

We are currently looking for an extranet solution that will not only allow us to access certain web based applications from home but work as if we were sat at our office machines.

We are looking at using MOSS2007 which would provide us with most of our web based application access and also the emails .  What we want to be able to do is have everybodyable to run their desktop as if sat in the office.

We do not want to use SSL VPN and then remote desktop because this will rely on us having those machines left on while staff arenot in the office.

We have 1500 staff with only 20% of these likely to want to work from home at any time.  Is there any way of getting them possibly all to be remoting on at one time?  Would I need a single server with all software I could possibly use installed?  Any ideas on software out there or how this would be done will be very useful,  would I use terminal services?
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knightfoxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Wn,

We have the same requirments on our site.  We currently support around 2500 users from all over the UK, 1000 of these users are primarily remote based for 90% of their time.

Our setup is as follows.

We have Nortel Contivity 1750's configured in High Availability to support notebook logins, this provides the main VPN solution, users are able to join the VPN using a single domain login, pickup GPOs' mapped drives ect...

We also have Citrix Presentation server 4.5,  this is configured using a secure gateway web server.  Users are then able to launch the URL through a web browser, hit the CSG site and log in to the web interface where they can launch applications.

Also for ease of use, you can configure your mail system as webbased.  OWA ect...

Its worth also looking at this point at weather you are going to use single factor authentication or some form of multi factor.. Currently we use RSA as a second form.

Its worth, looking at your options so that you dont put all your eggs into one basket.  Either by doing so using a high availability/Redundant setup or by offering different solutions.

Hope it helps, sounds like you have a fiar bit of work. :0)

Citirx Presentation Server 4.5. The feature sets are well suited for supporting remote users.
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