Use Web.Config to Block Access to Pages Based on UserType

I have two user types.  Both are being returned through a web service.  If the UserType = "USR", i have already disabled and hidden all links and buttons that could lead that usertype into areas of the website they do not have access to.  However, I'd like to add an additional layer of security by out right blocking of those pages in the web.config file.  I know how to block access to pages but I don't know how to do it based on a UserType, and I certainly do not know how to do it based on a UserType from a web service.
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here is an example

eventually u can control the role access on guest / member pages
u mean using membership for access control?  here is an article, but a little bit long, hope this helps
davidcahanAuthor Commented:
i mean access to pages based on a UserType.  So if membership can be defined using any custom userType then yes.

Also, I know there has to be a simpler comment then go read this 10 part instruction guide.  I just want to see a simple example of doing what i'm talking about.
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