images won't display from IIS 7 when using full URL path

Hi all,
When I create an email newsletter in basic HTML, the browser won't download the images from the webserver.  as in:  <img name="leftslvr" src="" width="21" height="1" border="0" alt="">
I've looked at the security setting and IUSR has read access and the image displays (sometimes) when I type in the direct URL in the browser (but not always).  Very very strange.  IE, NS & FireFox all behave similarly, so it is IIS 7 (running on W2K3 ) that is preventing this.  
How do I change IIS to allow this?

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email newsletter in the browser?
Do you mean your email has an attachment which is an html page and when opened the images don't show?
Maybe Outlook/Outlook Express/Whatever is running the email in a non-trusted zone or is not set to auto download images.

If so then this is out of your control.
Try putting a link in your newsletter and inviting them to your site to read the html version of the newsletter.
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