How to disable shift+p from opening media player.

I am trying to do some homework, and when I try to type a capital "p" (shift+p), windows media player opens.  I am running media player 11 and don't have any hotkeys assigned.  Any ideas?
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DMTechGrooupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the shortcut for media player, could be in there.  
MotoCrazyAuthor Commented:
I checked the shortcuts in the start menu and on my quick launch bar.  Neither of them have hotkeys assigned.
MotoCrazyAuthor Commented:
You know what?  I appreciate your quick reply, but I think the problem is solved "PPPPPPP".  It doesn't do it anymore.  I had a few people on my computer last night, and I was starting to get that feeling that something wasn't right.  I ran my Antivir, Spybot, and Ad-Aware; a few things were found and deleted.  Everything is back to normal.  Like I said, thanks for the quick reply though.  Points for that.  Especially since I have unlimited points on my trial =).
I have this same problem occasionally, which I think is caused by running the Synergy kvm software on my WinXPSP2 pc, and having one of the Alt keys "stick" so that windows thinks you are hitting ALT+SHIFT+P which opens WMP.  Pressing the Alt keys again "unsticks" it and lets you click SHIFT+P by itself.  I do have the miniplayer toolbar option enabled, although WMP isnt loaded when this happens, but that might be whats monitoring for the keystroke combination.
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