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Partition in Linux server

I'm a new bie of Linux user and have tried to install Linux server. There is a part that I do not fully understand about the way to partition. The partition that I did, are

/ root
Swap Swap Temporary virtual memory

My question is that I want to have the place that allow users to access, in other word, it's share drive.
At this moment, I see program folder and home folder.

Can any one enlight me how to set it up ?

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Can you clarify what you want to do?

If you want to give read/write perms to all users on the server to a particular dir, then

1- create the dir if not already exists

mkdir /dir1

2- Change the ownership of the dir if required

chown user:group /dir1 # here put the actual username and group name of the owner.

3- change perms of the dir

chmod a+rw /dir1

4- If you want to let users create files/dirs and be able to delete their own files/dirs only, then you need to set the sticky bit

chmod +t /dir1

Please note that files and subdirectories created by different users will have their perms managed by owners.

If you want to share the dir network wide, then either use NFS or Samba.

mpitakAuthor Commented:
Sorry that I may not make my question so clear.

My objective is that I want to set up Linux server which allow users to access dedicated folder in server and all users are using XP.  Base on my first installation, from my notebook (as a client), I can map to ther server and can see program folder and home folder (show folder name as login id).  However, I do not know how to set up additional folder that all users can see and may read/write from this shared folder
Ah, so you're running samba to share directories to windows users.

Take a look at /etc/samba/smb.conf, you'll need to add a new share in this file.  Samba also has a web admin tool called swat that you can enable to give you a more graphical way of editing the configuration file.  What you'll want to do is make a new share, where it is physically located on the disk is up to you - the name doesn't have to correspond - you probably want to make it wherever you have the most space.  If /home has the most space, make a /home/shared and share that out, etc.
mpitakAuthor Commented:
Thanks for advice.

I have to try myself if it's working. However, I got a idea from the solution
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