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Move files from WamNet to server using ftp

Hello all,

I am a complete beginner at writing scripts and have been given a project to get me started.

I have been asked to write a script that will move .zip files from our WamNet! server (linux) to our server (Solaris 9) to keep as and when needed.

The files should be moved automatically as they finish uploading to the WamNet! server.

Once moved, the files are to be unzipped using the code the client has supplied:

echo `date` >> ~/Desktop/Economist_unzipped_log
for i in `ls *.zip`;
echo $i >> ~/Desktop/Economist_unzipped_log
unzip -uo $i
echo `date` >> ~/Desktop/Economist_unzipped_log

I'm sure I've left out some vital information. Please let me know whatever you need to know in order to make this work.

Thank you in advance,

1 Solution
A few  things you can do:

    You can setup NFS mount to make the Solaris box as a NFS server and the linux box as the client, to mount the Solaris filesystem to your
Linux box, you can then use  tools like tar, cpio, rsync, cp etc to copy
the data across the Solaris box.
    Please have a look at the NFS FAQ:
    if you don't want to setup NFS, you still can use rsync to sync the files/dirs accross the Solaris box.
    more details about rsync:
    Please have a look at the FAQ and examples to learn the usage of rsync.

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