Unable to send or receive emails from blackberry, outlook working fine.

Client has a Blackberry pearl, he cant send or receive emails from there, but he can do so from outlook. I checked the BES and all services are running. He is the only one having this problem other users are fine!! He has tried restarting the handset, and he does have GPRS connection displayed.
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Is this user a member of Domain Admins or anything like that?
have you checked to see that the BESADMIN account has the relevant permissions on the mailbox? It should have Send As/Receive As permissions.


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Does it show the carrier name on the main screen?  If not then that could mean it is a carrier problem or problem with the sim card.  You can resend him the service book from the bes and resend him an it policy.  If you resend him the it policy, you can see on the BES when it makes it to his handheld.  If it does not make it there delete him and readd him to the BES and reactivate the unit.  
If the above fails I would reload the users account on the BES.
If that fails, have the user perform another Enterprise Activation. I've cleared a lot of email problems with those two steps.
Another thing to keep in mind is that if the voice side works and only email is failing, chances are it is not the carry but the account.
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Did this problem get resolved?  Please accept a solution if so.

yogeshmistryAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys my father in law passed away so was away from work. It has been resolved. Point will be shared to all.
Sorry to hear that.  Thanks for the follow up.
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